This organization could not have been kept in service without its team members, who help the website and our social media accounts stay active. Here are the team members for Cinema Reviewed.

Our team members shape the organization to the way it is today. They range from technical specialists to newsdesk writers.


Founder and Editor-In-Chief

The founder of Cinema Reviewed, BWM was inspired by the many films and TV shows that shaped his childhood, and wants to create a place for readers to learn about the newest pieces or entertainment that are releasing as you’re reading this.

Connor Hensman

Marketing Specialist

Connor is a marketing specialist for Cinema Reviewed, mainly focusing on Marvel Studios. His favorite comic-book movie is Thor: Ragnarok and his favorite comic is Batman: Killing The Joker. Ask him anything superhero related, he’ll be sure to answer! He joined Cinema Reviewed to experience being a writer for a news organization, it’s something he thought he’d never do, yet here he is. If you have any questions, he’s always free.

Big Screen Leaks (BSL)

Newsdesk Editor

BSL is an avid gamer, Star Wars and comics historian who loves film as well. He wishes to work in the film industry, specifically marketing, someday and his favorite movie is easily any Star Wars film.

Adam Wade

Social Media Influencer

Adam is a big fan of Marvel and Spider-Man. He also likes to play video games, and runs a news and countdown page in his spare time, located at @SpiderMan3news on Twitter.

Matthew Sinsky

Newsdesk Writer

To be added

The only way anyone can love entertainment, is if they see it with their own eyes.