Avengers Campus Breakdown

Last night, Disneyland held its Opening Ceremony for Avengers Campus. The land was immersive, interactive, and really, really, really big. Here’s our take on Disneyland’s Avengers Campus. PRESENTATION RUNTHROUGH The presentation opened with a message from “FRIDAY”, the supposed managing AI of the park. FRIDAY takes everyone on a mini-tour of the campus. After that,Continue reading “Avengers Campus Breakdown”

Disneyland’s Avengers Campus: Grand Opening Coverage

Today is June 2, 2021. At 8:15pm tonight (PST), The Walt Disney Company will reveal Disneyland’s Avengers Campus at a grand opening presentation. The public link is here, we’ll also be updating this article throughout the night. A breakdown will come tomorrow (6/3). 8:15pm – FRIDAY opens the presentation with a welcome video to AvengersContinue reading “Disneyland’s Avengers Campus: Grand Opening Coverage”

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