David Harbour And Rachel Weisz To Return To The MCU In The Future (Exclusive)

There is no denying that Phase 4’s first film, Black Widow, was a huge hit and that is in part due to the supporting cast of Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Rachel Weisz. Well, it’s widely known Pugh will return in Hawkeye but no word on the other two… until now!

Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff in Black Widow

Here at Cinema Reviewed, we have exclusively learned that Harbour and Weisz have signed on for more MCU flicks and could possibly show the Red Guardian fighting Captain America, somewhat due to the fact that Harbour said his character wasn’t lying about that. Something that was an issue in the film for me and many others as well was that Weisz clearly has more development to show and possibly more of her work in the Red Room.

David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian in Black Widow

We don’t know what they will return in but for now, you can check out Harbour and Weisz in Black Widow which is in theatres and on Disney+ Premier Access. What did you think of the film? Share your thoughts by tagging @RCDiscussion, @BigScreenLeaks, or @ReviewedCinema on Twitter, or replying in the comments below!

‘Black Widow’ Review: The Film Start To Phase 4

Black Widow has finally come out, fans have been waiting since the movie was announced, then delayed three consecutive times, hopping from May 2020 to November 2020, then to May 2021, and then lastly to July 2021. All in all, though, Black Widow was worth the wait. It has its ups and downs, just like any film, but it’s overall a wonderful kickoff to Phase 4 of the MCU.


The Good

Where to start? Well, this film is pretty good. Despite the 80% on Rotten Tomatoes (which were mostly due to a certain detail that we’ll talk about later), it still was a good movie, and when I saw it at the theater, I really enjoyed it. Florence Pugh really takes her role to the next level in this film. She acts with grace and elegance, and outshines everyone else in this film.

Rachel Weisz plays her part as Melina Vostokoff, and while she does end up calling the Red Room to capture Romanoff, she later regrets it and helps them to escape and kill General Dreykov. Her story has a full character arc, from the flashback to Ohio in 1995, to the escape with the Widows from Secretary Ross, she has a full arc that’s well developed, and she would do well in the future of the MCU, as a hero, anti-hero, or maybe even a villain.

The action scenes in this movie are off the charts, up there with the likes of John Wick, Mission: Impossible, James Bond, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Scarlett Johansson has some impressive scenes, including the prison break sequence and the whole sky-fight display.

Julia. Louis. Dreyfus. We saw her for all of about 3 minutes, but that was enough to give us chills about what she has in store for us as the MCU continues. First in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, now in Black Widow, it seems that Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Val for short, but NEVER call her that to her face) is assembling a team. Her character is meant to be a sort of Dark Nick Fury, so you never know what projects she might appear in.

Finally, O-T Fagbenle. He portrays Rick Mason, who basically outfits and equips Natasha for her missions. He’s the one in the background, never seen, never known, but is always there, helping out as much as he can.

The Bad

Now, let’s go to the bad. David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov/Red Guardian mostly just gets his butt kicked in this film. Period. Whether it’s a pyschological butt-kicking by Yelena and Natasha, or a physical one from Taskmaster, it’s basically all he does in the movie, and doesn’t add much to the plot. If anything, he’s there for comedic relief, but it’s mostly dad jokes.

The third act is when everything falls apart. There was too much talking in the first two acts, so the third act becomes super rushed, and doesn’t make complete sense. It feels like The Flash is speeding up the script, there’s so many ways the third act could have been better, but somehow, they didn’t catch the mistakes in post-production.

The biggest issue with the film, though, was Budapest, Dreykov, and Taskmaster, which are all related. Taskmaster was Dreykov’s daughter, which was a problem in itself. In the comics, Taskmaster was a man, named Tony Masters. While the gender and identity change was fine, the way it was executed was poor. The movie doesn’t explain how Dreykov and Taskmaster survived the assassination attempt in Budapest.

On the topic of Budapest, to the crew of the film: Show, don’t tell. That scene could have been done better in so many ways. There was just a bunch of description, but it would have been 100x better if they had shown a couple flashbacks to the battle.

Now, Dreykov. I’m going to be blunt. He was terrible. There was no character depth to him, he died too quickly, and his character didn’t make sense. He was basically a Russian military general who had his men kidnap young girls and train/brainwash them to become assassins.

The film doesn’t explain his motivations for doing those things. He died too quickly, and could have been better developed if he was taken prisoner by Yelena and Natasha. In a future project, he could have been visited by Yelena (since Nat’s dead), and he could have been a bit part of another project. But of course, he died.

The Breakdown

Quick breakdown of the film and the ramifications it has for the MCU going forward: Val is setting up Hawkeye. By giving Yelena a target (Clint Barton), we’ve gotten our first look at what we’ll see in the Hawkeye series. Second, Val’s also clearly building some sort of super-team, either the Thunderbolts or the Dark Avengers. By recruiting Yelena and John Walker (US Agent), Val has 2 members needed, and she’s expected to recruit Zemo soon enough.

David Harbour and Rachel Weisz are clearly appearing in future projects down the road, most likely with the freed Widows and the now-freed Taskmaster. What happens to them, hero, anti-hero, or villain, remains to be seen. Taskmaster will probably become some sort of a Deadpool-ish character, without the explicit content. The freed Widows may go on missions with Vostokoff and Shostakov. Vostokoff may become her comics persona, the Iron Maiden.

Yelena Belova will hunt Barton down, probably try to kill him, clearly appearing in the Hawkeye TV show, and wherever Val shows up, Yelena’s probably not too far behind.


All in all, the film’s action was top-notch, and Florence Pugh CRUSHED IT as Yelena Belova, but Taskmaster could have been done a bit better. Besides that, and that the film was rushed in the third act, it was one of the more memorable entries into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I look forward to seeing these characters in action again someday.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is now playing in theatres and streaming on Disney+ with Premier Access. See Yelena Belova in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye, releasing Late 2021 on Disney+.

Brand-New ‘What If…?’ Trailer Showcases New Marvel Characters And Twists In Time

Marvel fans have been so patient for the What If…? trailer, because The Illuminderi keeps on revealing new details for the show’s episodes, and they’re loving what they’re hearing. From Killmonger saving Tony Stark to T’Challa becoming Star-Lord, here’s 5 notable things from the brand-new What If…? trailer.

Killmonger Saves Stark

The opening scene of the trailer features the very first scene from the movie that started it all, Iron Man. Stark is speaking about peace to soldiers when a vehicle in the caravan explodes. Stark runs out of the vehicle, hides behind a rock, and sees a bomb land next to him, about to explode, just like in the film. Here’s the twist. Erik Killmonger appears, and tosses the rocket into the air, where it explodes harmlessly. Killmonger helps Stark up and they walk away together. Cue the Marvel Studios logo.

T’Challa Is Star-Lord And A Ravager

As we saw in the first trailer, T’Challa IS Star-Lord. But even more than that, he’s a Ravager. In the original Guardians movie, Peter Quill takes the Orb and leaves the Ravagers. However, the trailer indicates that this will NOT happen. From the trailer, it seems that Yondu and T’Challa will work together to defeat Kree soldiers, presumably fighting them for the Orb.

Doctor Strange Fights Dark Doctor Strange

As we saw in the first trailer, Doctor Strange was fighting an evil version of himself. As we see in this trailer, Strange changed his outfit and then fell through an inter-dimensional hole. The Ancient One also has a voice-over in the trailer, which we’ll expand on below.

The Other Avengers

As we said above, the Ancient One has a voice-over, and these were her words: “Time. Reality. It’s interchangeable.” As she says the last words, another set of original Avengers appear. Not the ones we know, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Black Widow, but this new team consists of a new Black Panther, a combination of Thanos and Gamora, T’Challa/Star-Lord, Party Thor, and 2 other individuals that we cannot identify.

This shows that Marvel is truly changing everything in the MCU, and that the What If…? episodes MIGHT be interconnected, not standalones as we had previously assumed.

Captain Carter?

Last, but definitely not least, Captain Carter. Instead of Steve Rogers being given the Super-Soldier Serum, Peggy Carter was given it instead. Steve was given some sort of Iron Man-type suit for World War II.

Here’s another question. Was Peggy frozen in ice like Steve was for 70 years, or did she avoid that fate? We’ll know on August 11 when What If…? premieres, exclusively on Disney+.

New ‘She-Hulk’ News Points To Raised Expectations For Marvel Series

NEW: The cast of Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk is STACKED, and it just keeps getting bigger. This might sound repetitive, but it’s true. Megan Thee Stallion and Charlie Cox have been added to the cast of Marvel’s first venture into the legal realm.

In an exclusive obtained by The Direct, She-Hulk is confirmed to break the fourth wall in the ten-episode, half-hour legal comedy. Just like in the Deadpool franchise and WandaVision, characters will speak directly to the camera. This was first shown in She-Hulk’s 1989 run of comics, where Deadpool and She-Hulk both spoke to the camera. Kevin Feige previously stated that the run would be a big influence on the television series.

In relation to the above, Everything Always confirmed that Megan Thee Stallion would appear in the series as herself, implying that this is connected to the “breaking the fourth wall” concept. With this confirmed, it is likely that more celebrity cameos would appear in the series.

And the third piece of news, Charlie Cox is returning as Daredevil, first reported by Grace Randolph. She reports that “when you see him, you’re gonna go crazy”. This certainly gets us excited for what Cox has in store for us!

She-Hulk premieres on Disney+ in Early 2022.

New Plot Details From ‘Eternals’ Shine Light On True Villain (Exclusive)

Marvel Studios has done a great job at hyping up ETERNALS for it’s November 5th release date, and the trailer broke the internet upon release. It doesn’t hurt that it’s director, ChloĆ© Zhao, just won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for Nomadland. From what little we know, we can safely assume that the Deviants are going to be the antagonists to the Eternals. Or will they?

We are proud to report that this will not be the case and a new antagonist will rise. Before you continue reading forward, note there are HUGE spoilers coming your way. You have been warned.

According to our sources, who have given us substantial evidence they have seen the film, which goes along with Zhao saying the film was in it’s final stretch of post production, claim that Richard Madden’s character, Ikarius, is the antagonist. Read what our source had to say below.

The big twist is that Ikaris (Richard Madden) is a traitor. Sersi (Gemma Chan) learns that Ikaris knew about the Celestials’ actual plans and this is why he left the group hundreds of years ago. He killed Ajak (Salma Hayek) because she had decided to help stop the emergence and save Earth.

If this is indeed true, then this will lead to a large conflict within the Eternals. We will find out soon enough when Eternals hits theatres November 5th, 2021.

‘She-Hulk’ Reportedly Set To Introduce The Wrecking Crew

She-Hulk has been quietly filming in Atlanta and we don’t know much other than the fact that Titania is the villain and Mark Ruffalo and Tim Roth are returning as Bruce Banner and Abomination, respectively. But we now know more.

Thanks to Lizzie Hill from The Cosmic Circus, we know that The Wrecking Crew will appear.

The Wrecking Crew first appeared in The Defenders #17 in 1974 and originally consisted of four members: Wrecker, Thunderball, Bulldozer, and Piledriver. The group has Asgardian magic and the use that to their advantage.

She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany, Mark Ruffalo, Tim Roth and Jameela Jamil is currently filming and expected to stream on Disney+ in 2022.

New Plot Details For Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveal How The Sinister Six Will Appear

Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be a BIG movie. With the all but confirmed returns of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and with confirmations of Jamie Foxx and Alfred Molina returning as Electro and Doc Ock, respectively. Recently, many rumours have been swirling around saying the iconic Spidey bad guy team, The Sinister Six, will finally debut in live-action after failed attempts at films and appearances elsewhere. But, we now know how they will debut in the film.

At the end of WandaVision, we see Wanda using the Darkhold to find Billy and Tommy. By using the Darkhold however, she weakens multiverse barriers in the process (hence why she hears her children’s voices) and the villains of No Way Home will break through. These villains include Jamie Foxx’s Electro, Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin. The other 3 rumored members are Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman, Michael Mando’s Scorpion and Rhys Ifans’ Lizard OR in place of that Paul Giamatti’s Rhino.

This intel seems more likely considering the recent merch reveals that include a mess at the Sanctum Sanctorum that includes, you guessed it, a Scorpion. We do want to point out that we aren’t sure if Wanda will be in the film. We do know that her actions WILL have consequences however.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theatres December 17th, 2021.

Corey Stoll To Reprise Role As Yellowjacket In ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ (Exclusive)

Hit actor Corey Stoll is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, returning as Darren Cross/Yellowjacket in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’. This had been speculated since Evangeline Lilly mentioned Corey Stoll in an Instagram post based on the film’s script. Now, we at Cinema Reviewed can exclusively confirm that Stoll will be returning for the first time as Yellowjacket, as he was thought to have been killed off in the first Ant-Man film, which released in 2015.

Ant-Man and the Wasp brings back the lovable duo that’s Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, reprising their roles as Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Hope Van Dyne/Wasp. Also notably returning are Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Douglas. Behind the camera is Director Peyton Reed, and penning the script is Jeff Loveness.

The film will explore the Quantum Realm, which offers an explanation as to how Cross might be able to return to the MCU. Kang the Conqueror (played by Jonathan Majors) is also set to appear as the title villain in the film, who is also rumored to make a guest appearance in the first season of Loki. Kathryn Newton is set to appear as Cassie Lang/Stature, after Emma Fuhrmann was recast.

All in all, this looks to be a very exciting movie, as fans have been waiting patiently for more tastes of the Quantum Realm. Kang is also a popular villain, which will only add to the hype for this third installment in the Ant-Man franchise.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is scheduled for release on February 17, 2023.

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