When The Boys premiered on Amazon Prime in 2019, it pushed the envelope with shocking moments and with each passing season it outdoes itself. The Amazon Prime show debuted in 2019, based on the comic series of the same name. It follows a team of vigilantes set upon bringing down super powered despicable individuals that disguise themselves as heroes.

The Boys follows Butcher and his team as they will do anything to take down Homelander and his super friends. The series deals heavily in the unspeakable acts of these characters. Each season is wilder than the one before. Proof can be shown with The Boys Season 3, premiering June 3.

The Boys Season 3

Amazon’s Playing A Dangerous Game

The opening three episodes of The Boys Season 3 see all of our characters settling into new spots. Homelander is on Vought’s leash, while Starlight holds most of the power at the table. While, Butcher is trying to make changes and do things by the book. Hughie is working with the government task force to take down supes that go too far. The season so far seem very reminiscent of shows like Game of Thrones, where all of the characters are vying for control. We are also introduced to a former team of heroes from the past, led by a character named Soldier Boy. Who may or may not be a key to stopping Homelander.

Shocking For The Sake Of Shock

The first 3 episodes of the show do not pull any punches. Although, The Boys has always had its shocking moments, this new season seems like it turns it up to eleven. With the comedic element to the show, the shock moments always played a fun part of the series. However, most of the shocking moments so far almost feel like they are tacked on. It comes off more so like the producers wanted to see how much get away with. Especially, a a scene with a certain “Ant-Man” type character and his proclivities.

This season introduces us to many new characters and storylines. Side characters are examined more in depth this time around. However, where as characters like Mother’s Milk and A-Train flourish, others fall flat. The parallel storylines of Frenchie and his old adversary Nina is boring overall. However, when Frenchie and Kimiko share the screen it is fantastic. We are also introduced to the relationship built between Butcher and Ryan, only to end very abruptly. Also, The Deep seems like a completely wasted character used for comedic effect. It was sad to see his story come to a halt just to service some more jokes.

The Boys Season 3

Building Something Interesting

Even though some storylines suffer it does not take away from the main storyline or characters. The first few episodes setup a fascinating story. Also, every character shines especially Antony Starr as Homelander. His portrayal as the mad hero is the shining performance of the show. Although it seems he is a curbed dog to Edgar(Giancarlo Esposito), he is anything but.

With the addition of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, the series really dives deep into the past. The character of Soldier Boy is The Boys answer to Captain America. However, Ackles helms a much more interesting version. His introduction adds a fun sense of mystery to this world. He could easily be a fan favorite depending on how they use him on the show.

This series has always been so much fun for me to watch. Week to week, each episode has always left me wanting more. Never more so then the first few episodes of the third season. The stakes have never been higher on the show and they have built a terrific world. This season seems like it will be the best yet and explore much more backstory of the characters. I am very excited to see what the rest of the season holds. Let us know what you thought of the new season of The Boys by mentioning us on Twitter at @ReviewedCinema.

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