Madame Web starts spinning her web! Over the past few years, Sony has built a small cinematic universe based on Spider-Man characters known as the SUMC. However, this universe features no actual Spider-Man despite all the characters having ties to him. Nonetheless, the Venom movies and Morbius have been successful enough for the franchise to continue. The next two movies in the SUMC are Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web.

Here is everything we know about Madame Web. It stars Dakota Johnson in the titular role. Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney also stars in an unknown but key role. S.J. Clarkson is directing. And previous reports have said Sony wants this movie to be their version of Doctor Strange. The only big piece missing is when does the movie start filming? And now we have an idea of when that will take place.

Madame Web To Film In Spring 2022

Madame Web as she appears in the comics.

During an interview with Deadline, Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman revealed that Madame Web will start filming “in the spring”. Given that spring is almost over, that means the movie will start filming within the next month.

This all lines up with what we already know. The movie has been casting for the past few months, which generally means production starts soon. And the movie has a release date of July 2023. Marvel movies typically start filming a little over a year before they release. However, this means the movie is not changing writers as many had hoped. The current writers previously wrote Morbius. Fans had hoped after the poor reception of Morbius that Sony would change writers for Madame Web and delay the film some. So, things are not exactly looking bright for the movie’s critical reception.

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