Stranger Things 4 is going to be massive! Stranger Things is an absolute mega-hit. Ever since it came out, audiences have loved it. It is easily one of Netflix’s biggest shows and has expanded into a whole franchise with plenty of tie-ins. However, the heart of the franchise is still the show.

News on Stranger Things 4 has been light. Occasionally we get bits of news or stills from the show. Such as earlier this year the Duffer Brothers revealed this would be the biggest season yet. That gave fans some sense of what to expect. But now we know just how big this season really is and it is way more than fans were expecting.

Stranger Things 4 Receives Super-Long Episode Lengths

The cast of Stranger Things

Netflix has revealed how the episodes for the upcoming season will be split and the run times for some of those episodes. Firstly, on May 27th, Vol. 1 will drop and contain seven episodes. Then, on July 1, Vol. 2 will release with the final two episodes of the season. And boy, those final two episodes are long. Specifically, Episode 8 is about 85 minutes long while Episode 9 is about 150. Episode 7 is 98 minutes, and the first 6 are around 75 minutes. All together, that’s nearly 5 hours more than any other season.

This is crazy. Clearly, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers are going all out on this season. Honestly, with how long these episodes are, it is hard to even imagine how wild things are going to get. Hopefully, the long lengths are justified and the episodes are not just long for the sake of being long. That said, Stranger Things has not disappointed yet so it will probably be worth it.

What did you think of this news? Are you ready for the massive episodes? Let us know by mentioning @ReviewedCinema on Twitter, and don’t miss Vol 1 of Stranger Things 4 when it hits Netflix on May 27. Vol 2 arrives on Netflix on July 1.

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