The Wonder Twins won’t be activating after all. The future of DC is an exciting one. After many years of uncertainty and failed films, DC is finally getting its act together. Fan-favorite characters like Aquaman, Batman, and Blue Beetle all have upcoming films. And thanks to HBO Max even more characters can get the spotlight like Batgirl, Black Canary, and The Wonder Twins.

Wonder Twins follows the adventures of alien siblings Zan and Jayna. The twins have the power to shape shift into a variety of objects and animals. Adam Sztykiel wrote the film and was going to direct. Sztykiel previously worked on Black Adam. KJ Appa and Isabel May were cast as the titular twins. The movie was set to start production in July. But unfortunately, it is no longer happening.

Wonder Twins cancelled by Warner Bros.

an image of The Wonder Twins from the comics

Today, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Wonder Twins has been canceled by Warner Bros. Apparently the movie was “too niche”. Additionally, Warner Bros. now wants to keeps HBO Max original movies to have budgets under $35M. Wonder Twins was closer to $75 million in its budget. That Hashtag Show first reported the cancellation.

There is a lot to takeaway from this announcement. Firstly, it is sad that the movie was canceled so close to starting production. Secondly, the future of WB is a focus on theatrical movies and not streaming movies. It would not be a surprise to see Batgirl become a theatrical movie soon. In fact, it is probably safe to say we will only see DC TV series on HBO Max, not exclusive titles. While the desire for theatrical exclusives is understandable, it is a shame we will not see as much DC content on there. Hopefully, movies that have not started production yet like Black Canary are changed to theatrical releases and not canceled like Wonder Twins.

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