It is time to celebrate The Umbrella Academy fans! While Netflix does not have the best reputation for supporting shows, they do have a few staple shows. Such as the mega popular Stranger Things, The Witcher and slightly less popular The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy, based on the comic of the same, follows the Hargreeve siblings. The Hargreeves all have a variety of powers, including super strength, time travel, super strength, and telekinesis. The first season showed the siblings trying to prevent the end of the world. Then in the next season they travelled back to the 1960’s and had to ensure the JFK assassination happens in order to save the world. The season ended with the siblings in an alternate present day. Fans have been waiting to see more of that reality and they finally have it.

Netflix Releases First Trailer For Umbrella Academy Season 3

The cast of the Umbrella Academy

Netflix has finally released the trailer for the new season of The Umbrella Academy. The season premieres June 22 on Netflix. You can watch the trailer below:

Like previous seasons of the show, Season 3 promises to be a crazy time travel adventure. Obviously, the big draw is seeing the Hargreeves deal with the alternate universe of The Sparrow Academy. But Of course, seeing the siblings fight and bicker is going be entertaining as always. Especially, now that they can all see Ben, who has been stuck as ghost for the past seasons. Albeit, it is not the Ben they knew. No doubt, this season will be just as good and wacky as ever.

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