Ms. Marvel is nearly here, and through our detective work, new episode scenes have just been revealed from official promotional images.

We’re so close to Ms. Marvel. June 8 is just around the corner, with lots of goodies to be sure. The series has long undergone criticism for creative decisions centering around Kamala Khan’s superpowers. However, it looks to be coming out of that tunnel as recently, numerous executives have talked about the decision to switch her powers, and the rationale behind that decision. Now, with the series speeding to its global release, the press tour is starting up, images have been revealed. Those image captions, well, they reveal info.

Ms. Marvel Scene Locations Revealed

Late last month, our friends at Streamr News uncovered some details surrounding Ms. Marvel’s power activation through officially released promotional images. They revealed that 3 scenes would take place in episodes 1 and 3, from image captions. You can see the full piece above. Now, Streamr has uncovered another three images, and we’ve uncovered two of our own.

1. Kamala With Family (Us)
Ms. Marvel Scenes

This looks pretty straightforward. Kamala is sitting with her family for a meal sometime during Episode 1, per the caption, and she’s in the middle of a heated discussion. Her father looks to be firmly telling Kamala something, and she’s pissed about it. Muneeba Khan, her mother, is likely also talking in the conversation, though her face isn’t visible in the image. Her brother….is just trying to stay out of it all.

My Prediction: Kamala asked her parents for permission to go to AvengerCon, and they refused, giving a speech about how it isn’t appropriate for a girl her age to get involved with superheroes (from the comics). Khan gets annoyed from the harsh refusal, and instead decides to take matters into her own hands, sneaking out to go to AvengerCon with Bruno.

2. Kamala And Bruno (Streamr)
Ms. Marvel Scenes

This image takes place at AvengerCon, where Kamala and Bruno are hanging out as best friends, talking and chatting. The image takes place in Episode 1, per the caption. As such, it makes sense that AvengerCon could be the primary location for much of the premiere. We’ve seen a lot of shots of the convention, and lots of discussion around it. As Streamr pointed out, the convention is likely where Khan gets her superpowers.

Following that, we only see Kamala in shots of her costume after she gets her powers. Before, it’s always her in a jacket. And, on top of that, Kamala and Bruno look like they’re having a difficult conversation. She looks to be trying to persuade Bruno to believe something, and he looks like he’s shocked and worried.

My Prediction: This scene takes place immediately after Kamala gets her superpowers. She gets her powers, and immediately seeks consultation and help from her best friend after a huge event occured. She doesn’t tell Bruno about the powers just yet, but they talk about what huge event just happened, possibly an earthquake or sudden, thick fog.

3. Kamala And Bruno In Storage Room (Us, Streamr)
Ms. Marvel Scenes
Ms. Marvel Scenes

I just combined these two images into one section because they’re the same scene, and look to be only a few seconds apart. For context, both of the above images take place in Episode 2. From the looks of it, in the first image Kamala is upset, not knowing what her powers are and trying to control them. Bruno looks shocked, probably unsure of how to help. In the second image, Kamala has formed a crystal fist, and Bruno’s looking on in shock (understandably so, I might add).

My Prediction: Kamala has gotten overwhelmed with all the pressure of having superpowers, and keeping it a secret. She decides to hide. Bruno finds her, and asks what’s going on. She shows him her powers for the first time, to his shock. From there, Bruno tries to help Kamala (now Ms. Marvel) manage these powers without being discovered by anyone.

4. Ms. Marvel Over NYC Skyline (Streamr)
Ms. Marvel Scenes

This final image isn’t the most revealing, but is perhaps the most impactful. Additionally, this shot is taken from an iconic comic cover, where Ms. Marvel sits on a streetlight, staring at the NYC skyline from New Jersey. This shot will be from Episode 6, the season finale. Therefore, it looks like Kamala has accomplished her task, and is watching the night set on over a grateful New York City.

My Prediction: Kamala (now Ms. Marvel) has defeated the villains of the series, solved most of the plot lines existing in this series, and is watching the NYC skyline at night. This will be the closing shot for the episode, before a likely mid-credits scene.

What did you think of these new developments? Are you excited for Ms. Marvel? Will you be watching the series when it releases worldwide June 8th? What are you most looking forward to in the series? Do these Ms. Marvel scenes excite you? Let us know by mentioning @ReviewedCinema on Twitter, and don’t miss Ms. Marvel when it premieres June 8, 2022 exclusively on Disney+.

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