Thor: Love and Thunder is nearly here.

The MCU has no end end in sight, charting a bright future for time to come. Having delivered the stunning Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Studios now begins the road to Thor: Love and Thunder. With the arrival of new characters through various Disney+ shows and feature films, the MCU promises to deliver many more stories in the days ahead.

During the time of emergence of new characters, a Marvel original avenger returns to the big screen for his fourth solo outing. Thor Love and Thunder will be the first time in MCU history that single character has received a fourth film. The trailer promised the audience loads of laughs and bright colorful cinematography. Yet amidst all the fun, a god butcher slays his way through various pantheons.

Thor 4: Gorr The God Butcher Is Reportedly Terrifying

Gorr the God Butcher is one of the most anticipated character set to debut in the MCU. The character’s comic history involving All-Black and the star power of the legend Christian Bale makes Gorr’s arrival all the more exciting. Leaked photos of Marvel Legends figures had shown the design for Gorr, and that was one that did not sit well with the marvel fandom. Yet recently, during an episode of the John Campea Show, the hosts spoke about receiving footage of Gorr and commented on his look.

Robert Meyer Burnett: And you and I have seen pictures [of Gorr].

John Campea: Oh yeah, we got footage of Gorr! We have it and we are not sharing with people because I got in trouble for that before. And oh my god, when you guys see Christian Bale as Gorr, oh my god… because what we saw was straight up freaky, it is a thing right out of nightmares.

Erin Cummings: Yes, I saw the photo, I’ve had nightmares like every night ever since. It is absolutely terrifying.

The Campea Show on Gorr the God Butcher

This seems as though Marvel might be playing a game with their marketing. Not wanting to show Gorr in all his glory until the official trailer, Marvel Studios might have set false designs for the Legends figures. Another explanation could be that Gorr possibly evolves in look during the film. Whatever the reason may be, we cannot wait to see more from Thor: Love and Thunder.

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