Doctor Strange 2 and Deadpool just were not meant to be.

The MCU keeps growing. Every project introduces plenty of new characters. Especially since Disney purchased Fox. That has opened the door for way more characters like the Fantastic Four, X-men, and Deadpool to appear in the MCU. And fans expected a lot of these characters to appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness certainly delivered on its title. The movie had all sorts of Sam Raimi craziness (read our spoiler and non-spoiler reviews for more info). The movie also had plenty of insane cameos. However, there were a few cameos that fans expected that did not happen. But at least one of those cameos was considered by Marvel Studios during production.

Deadpool Was Considered As A Cameo For Doctor Strange 2

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

During an interview with writer Michael Waldron revealed that a Deadpool appearance was “talked about,”. You can see his full quote below.

Yeah, we talked about it. “I think we talked about everything in this movie. So, [it] would’ve been crazy to not raise that, but it ultimately didn’t feel like… It just didn’t feel the right place. But yeah, of course we talked about it

Michael Waldron on Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2

This is not surprising. Multiverse of Madness went through a lot of rewrites and changes. So it makes sense Deadpool was considered for an appearance at one point. While in theory, a Deadpool appearance sounds like a lot of fun, it would have distracted from everything else going on in the movie. Albeit, a Deadpool post-credits scene could have worked. However, the scenes we got were far more fitting for the movie and the director. Thankfully, Deadpool 3 is in development so fans won’t have to wait long to see him again on the big screen.

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