According to Taika Watiti, a word to describe Thor 4 is cringy.

It has been 11 years since the MCU introduced Thor to the big screen. Chris Hemsworth was 27 years old when he began his journey as the God of Thunder. Through the seven films he appears in, we’ve seen the character go through immense changes inside and out. However, even though Thor is a fan favorite character, his slate of films are a mixed bag with audiences.

The third installment of the Thor franchise is widely considered the best of his movies. Also, one of the best films in the MCU, in huge part because of Taika Waititi taking the helm as director. Thor: Ragnarok was a complete change in tone and style from the first two films. So when it was announced that Waititi was back to write and direct a 4th movie. Fans were excited for sure.

Thor: Love And Thunder Director Calls Film Cringy On Paper

Recently the Thor: Love and Thunder writer/director Taika Waititi sat with Empire to discuss the movie. Waititi discussed how proud he is of the tone of the film:

“It’s a fantastic film… I don’t try to control my films, or how they turn out… I sort of let them appear to me. And with this film, I’m like, ‘Hey, you’re kind of cooler than the thing I was originally hoping to make.’ Tonally it’s where I’ve always wanted it.”

Waititi discussed the challenge of taking on a story with a more romantic angle and that “on paper… feels kind of cringey” and transferring it to the screen in a way that works:

 “I wanted to embrace this thing that I was always a bit dismissive of, and explore this idea of love, and show characters who do believe in love… On paper, it feels kinds of cringy to me, but there’s a way of doing it with cool characters making a cool movie, and also having a thing that no fan ever wants in a superhero movie, which is people talking about love, and characters kissing.”

He also hints that the love story element may not be what fans are expecting:

“I think most people will assume that the love story is between Chris and Natalie… I can’t promise that what people think is going to happen in this film will happen.”

Ragnarok definitely turned things up to 11. However, it did feel like it was missing something without Jane Foster’s presence. Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth were fantastic together in the first two Thor films. Their story arc came to an abrupt end when Portman left the franchise. Fan are definitely excited to have her back in the film series and to see what she brings to the table as The Mighty Thor herself.

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