Tom Cruise in Doctor Strange 2 just didn’t work out.

Doctor Strange 2 just dropped a bomb on the MCU with enough appearances and references for the rest of the year. This charts a new path for the future of this beloved universe. Therefore, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to pick up more pace as a packed lineup of frontline films and shows give Marvel fans more cinematic moments featuring the characters they love from the comics. Marvel Studios has been releasing stunners upon stunners with brilliant and well-connected stories in the form of movies and TV series. This has expanded the franchise to new frontiers with no end in sight.

The long-awaited Doctor Strange sequel was truly a cinematic event of a lifetime, giving us fans the Multiverse in live-action. It also featured appearances from the brilliant behemoth Patrick Stewart, as well as John Krasinski, Lashana Lynch, Hayley Atwell, and Charlize Theron. With ties to Secret Wars and many more comic events, this film has solidified its spot as a cornerstone for the future of the Marvel universe.

Doctor Strange 2 Writer Speaks On Potential Tom Cruise Appearance

With all those rumored cameos that appeared in the film, one that fans did not get to see was Tom Cruise as Iron Man. The Twitter community speculated that he was possibly cut from the movie. As it turns out, the reason he didn’t appear in the film was because he was never part of it in the first place. Recently, screenwriter Michael Waldron spoke about this matter in an interview with Rolling Stone. He said that, while Cruise was never part of any cut of the film, there were discussions regarding his inclusion for the Doctor Strange sequel. Here are quotes from the interview highlighting the topic:

Yeah, that was totally made up. I mean, there’s no cut footage of Tom Cruise! But I love Tom Cruise, and I said to [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige] at one point, I was like, ‘Could we get Tom Cruise’s Iron Man?’ I remember reading about that in Ain’t It Cool News back in the day, that Tom Cruise was going to be Iron Man.

Michael Waldron on Tom Cruise in Multiverse of Madness

Rolling Stone: So to be totally clear, did anyone reach out to Tom Cruise?

Waldron: I don’t believe so. I just don’t think it was ever an option, because of availability.

Michael Waldron on Tom Cruise’s absence in Doctor Strange 2

No Tom Cruise

It would have been really cool to see the Top Gun and Mission: Impossible star in the MCU. Besides those two franchises, Cruise has also starred in A Few Good Men and Risky Business. However, we did get many other surprises from Kevin Feige and company. Maybe we will see Tom Cruise in an MCU film some day, but until then, we have more than enough stars in the Marvel sky.

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