Disney+ is killing it in the streaming world. The streaming world is growing fast. Every day it seems like there are new streaming services or streaming services that die off. Or at the very least services starting to fall off like Netflix. Netflix missed projections for this financial quarter and that has caused many to question the health of the streaming industry. But it seems like other services, especially Disney+ are continuing to do well.

Disney+ is one of the biggest streaming services and has been since it launched in fall 2019. It has something no other streaming service does; the two biggest franchises on the planet. The MCU and Star Wars have been crucial to the success of Disney+. Not to mention, the large back catalog of classic Disney films available on the service. D+ has continued to grow faster than people expected. But many have questioned if Disney+ can survive on just Star Wars and Marvel alone. However, it seems like for now they have nothing to worry about

Disney+ Adds 7.8 Million Subscribers, Disney Q2 FY22 Report

Today, Disney reported that they have added 7.8 million subscribers during the second quarter to Disney+. Disney was only expected to add around 5 million subscribers this quarter. Disney also reported that Hulu added 300,000 subscribers and ESPN+ added 1 million subscribers.

This really is not surprising to hear. Unlike Netflix, Disney Plus has not made a lot of unpopular decisions. They have not cracked not password sharing. They continue to add new content fairly regularly. And they have a great back catalog of existing shows and movies that makes the service really popular among families. Whereas, Netflix is slowly losing its back catalog to competitors buying back rights to their content.

That said, the streaming industry still is in a growth phase. Eventually, it will reach its limit and only a few services will survive. Disney+, HBOMax, Amazon Prime, and Netflix seem like they are here to stay. But even Netflix is starting to struggle in a way that’s reminiscent of BlockBuster. Who knows what streaming services will be left 5 years from.

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