The first season of Moon Knight follows Steven Grant, a shy British gift shop clerk at a museum. Grant’s life seems simple, albeit very peculiar. Steven suffers blackouts and awakens in dangerous situations. Such as being hunted by a mysterious man named Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). Teaming with the beautiful and mysterious woman named Layla (May Calamawy). So now, let’s break it all down in our full-season Moon Knight review.

He suffers from dissociative identity disorder with three different personalities. His primary identity, Marc Spector (a former mercenary with the powers of the Egyptian god Khonshu). Marc’s reveal brings us into a world of gods and their fight for control.

The show suffers most is its pacing. Episodes felt rushed with the season finale being the biggest victim of this. Some episodes felt as if they didn’t have enough story to fill the time. While other episodes felt like they had rushed some things because the episode was too full.

The final episode of the season was well paced until the final act. Then the pacing was rushed and the story falls flat. The end credit scene was wonderful fan service but felt like it was trying to make up for a lackluster ending. Not much of a payoff from the story.

The acting in this show was impeccable. Some of the best performances I have ever witnessed in any project. However, I can not say enough about the performances by Oscar Issac as Marc, Steven and Jake. Issac changed characters, accents, facial expressions and more at the drop of a dime. That is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

Moon Knight’s costuming is some of the best that the MCU has to offer. Although, Mr. Knight’s costume is probably my favorite look in the series, although everyone’s costuming was terrific.

The cinematography, visual effects, stunts, everything were top notch throughout the series.

Overall, Moon Knight is a fantastic show and fits well into the MCU while diving deeper into the supernatural underworld. The show suffers most is its pacing issues, there are fantastic elements to it and I highly recommend watching the series. The character development is great and the characters are all interesting. The episodes were a lot of fun with superb acting all around. Moon Knight was a perfect addition to the MCU.

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