Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is going crazy!

Tis the season of the blockbuster, the weather is warm and audiences are ready to get out and go to the movies. For nearly 50 years studios and theaters have used the summer months to release their biggest films. The first week of May is a coveted spot for the first movie to kick off summer. The movie released first is the one that generally stakes the tentpole for all of the movies to follow in the hot months after.

For a while now, Marvel Studios and Disney seem to have claimed that spot for their own. Out of their 23 films, ten have released on the first week of May. Both Infinity War and Endgame released a week before in April and still dominated their summer box office. So when Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was set on May 6th of this year, it’s no surprise that it was probably going to be a huge movie. The Doctor Strange box office is smashing records.

Doctor Strange Box Office Smashes Records

The Sam Raimi led sequel to 2016’s Doctor Strange was promising to be a Marvel movie unlike any other. With and estimated $42 million in pre-sale tickets, the excitement for the sequel was already high. Doctor Strange 2 finished its opening Friday with an astounding $90 million. Making it the 7th biggest opening day of all time and giving Marvel five of the top 10 spots. The first Doctor Strange film in 2016 raised $85 million on its opening weekend. The sequel is on track to make $187 million this weekend and secure it a spot on the top 10 biggest openings of all time domestically. The movie has also raised $450 million worldwide, making it the 2nd biggest domestic film released in 2022 and during the pandemic era behind The Batman.

Marvel Studios and Disney have positioned themselves perfectly to dominate the box office. Doctor Strange is a cult character on the page but a fan favorite on screen. His parts in the last Avengers films and 2021’s Spider-Man No Way Home have helped make his sequel a highly anticipated one. Especially with a multiversal story that started in last years Disney+ series Wandavision and continued in Loki and What If. It was always a safe bet that this movie would be a huge hit.

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