Cobra Kai Season 5 is fast approaching. The hit series first premiered on YouTube Red back in 2018 and aired for two seasons before YouTube stopped making original content. Netflix then picked up the show and has now produced two more seasons with another one on the way.

Cobra Kai is the sequel to the Karate Kid films. It is unique since it follows the villain from the first film, Jonny Lawrence. The show does a great job of making Lawrence more sympathetic. It also introduces the next generation of Karate Kid characters. Many of the new characters are the children of characters from the films which makes for a really fun dynamic. The last 4 seasons have all been big successes, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the fifth season. And now we know when season 5 is coming.

Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer Confirms Release Date

Netflix dropped a new trailer for Cobra Kai Season 5 (or Cobra Kai V). They also announced that the fifth entry into the series will release on September 9th. Check out the full trailer below:

The trailer promises that the show will keep up its unique brand of melodrama and keep many of the plot lines going. Which is sure to make fans happy. And Who knows what new characters could appear or what old faces could return this season? Overall, the trailer does a great job of hyping fans up for the new season.

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