The Monsterverse Spin-off show just got a little less mysterious.

The Monsterverse has been slowly building itself up. First starting with Godzilla in 2014. Then it continued in 2017 with Kong: Skull Island. Then 2019’s Godzilla: King of The Monsters quickly followed it up. Finally, it culminated with Godzilla vs Kong. While the franchises future on the silver screen is unclear we do that it will continue. Specifically with a live action spin-off show that will air on Apple TV+.

Even though the show announced earlier this year details about the spin-off are sparse. The show is set after 2014’s Godzilla but before the other entries in the franchise. It follows one family and their mysterious connection to the Monarch organziation that appears in the films. We also know that the show is produced and written by Chris Black and Matt Fraction. And now we know who might be starring in the show.

Wyatt Russell Eyed For Role In MonsterVerse Spin-Off

Wyatt Russell Apple TV Monsterverse show

In a new report from The Illumnerdi, we have learned Apple TV+ wants Wyatt Russell to star in the Monsterverse spin-off show. They also report that Apple TV+ wants Kurt Russell to start in the show as well. Apparently, the father-son duo would be playing two versions of the same character at different points in his life. Kurt would be “Old Lee Shaw” and Wyatt would “Young Lee Shaw”.

This is really exciting news. Both Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell are incredible actors. Kurt of course, has a very long career with many incredible roles. While more recently, Wyatt has given great performances in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Lodge 49. Seeing them tackle the same character in the show would be a lot of fun and really show off their acting abilities.

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