Doctor Strange 2 is truly Sam Raimi’s film!

It’s hard to believe that Marvel movies were anything other then the interconnected cinematic universe we now know. Even though superhero films were popular, we didn’t see the possibilities that they had to offer. However, it can be argued that the release of Raimi’s Spider-Man is what changed everything. The movie brought in $825 million in the worldwide box office. The success garnered trilogy, and Raimi is widely recognized as the godfather of modern superhero films.

It has been nine years since we have seen Raimi direct a movie. When Scott Derrickson left the Doctor Strange sequel citing “creative differences,” Marvel tapped Raimi helm the project. Although, because it had a script that needed to be rewritten and a hard set filming date, it felt like Raimi was starting three steps back. However, with a long career and the experience of movie franchises like Spider-Man and the Evil Dead films, Raimi knows how to shoot in fast and creative ways and also how to run a production of immense size.

Doctor Strange 2 Is Sam Raimi’s Most Complex Film Yet

Recently, Rolling Stone interviewed Raimi, where he remarked that Multiverse of Madness was a complex film to work on:

Marvel allowed me complete creative freedom. However, it had to follow so many things in Marvel lore, [so] even though I had complete freedom…”

Sam Raimi

“It’s probably the most complex movie I’ve ever had anything to do with. Not just dealing with one character, or even five characters, but multiversal versions of those characters — and each one has a storyline.”

Sam Raimi

When asked about the possibility of directing another Spider-Man movie, he gave his requirements:

“It would be the same things that would stop me now that stopped me then: “Does Tobey want to do it? Is there an emotional arc for him? Is there a great conflict for this character? And is there a worthy villain that fits into the theme of the piece?”

Sam Raimi

With this interview, we get a wonderful deep dive into the mind of a genius filmmaker and an inside look at Doctor Strange. Fans have been chomping at the bit to see the movie. The MCU made an exciting choice bringing him on to helm this movie. The possibility of more from him in the future has fans speculating: Could we see another Spider-Man film from Raimi? Personally, I hope so. Raimi’s triumphant return to superhero movies comes this weekend with the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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