Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, your story got even better.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom just got a little bit bigger. The DCEU’s upcoming slate is very exciting. Perhaps most exciting is Aquaman 2. The first Aquaman is one of the best-regarded movies in the DCEU. It was a very fun globe-trotting movie and visually stunning. The world of Atlantis is one the best in the DCEU and it has some of the best characters like Ocean Master and Black Manta. And Aquaman 2 promises to deliver more of the same.

We don’t know much about Aquaman 2 right now. We know that most of the main cast will be returning. Including Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. The main villain is going to Black Manta. And the film will involve Aquaman recruiting his half-brother, Ocean Master, to help stop Black Manta. While details are scarce it seems like we have learned a little bit more thanks to a new report.

Aquaman’s Son To Appear In Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

The Direct is reporting that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will feature Aquaman and Mera’s son. He will be a young child, but it’s unknown who will be playing him at this time. No other details are known right now, but with the film’s release fast approaching, more details will likely come out soon.

This is a bit of an unexpected development, but also not super surprising. Giving Aquaman a kid will create some emotional tension in the plot. It also sets up the potential for future movies. A sequel could feature Aquaman training his son to be the next King of Atlantis. The character could also star in his own spinoff series down the line. The potential really is endless. But hopefully, the character is more than just a plot device.

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