The Batman fans: The Batman 2 is on the way.

The Batman released this year on March 4 worldwide and was instantly loved by fans and critics across the globe. Everything, from its directing to the editing, was universally praised. Robert Pattinson debuted an all-new angrier Batman who fans loved and began to be placed as their #1 or #2 among actors to ever play the role. The only thing stopping it from being #1? Christian Bale. Bale has had the luxury of a full trilogy, while Pattinson has only just debuted. He’ll likely get the trilogy treatment, but for now, we’re stuck with one film. There also plenty of other HBO Max shows planned in the universe that should add to his film’s popularity.

The Batman is the highest grossing movie of the year, by far, as it had the highest opening weekend of any movie in the year. Most likely, it will be beaten by next week’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness. However, The Batman film has grossed $760 million worldwide and is the biggest Warner Bros. film in the last three years. No other WB film crossed $500 million in 2021. The film was also the second-highest viewed film in its first 4 days on HBO Max, beating WB’s day and date streaming releases. So, a sequel for the film was always going to happen. Now ,at CinemaCon, which is exclusively for theater owners and press, WB has officially announced a sequel for The Batman, with Reeves and the original cast returning.

The Batman 2 confirmed with Matt Reeves

WBD executives announced The Batman 2 at their CinemaCon panel. While promoting The Batman, Matt Reeves also talked about The Batman 2 and where it might go. The Batman‘s ending leaves you in a position wanting more. The final scenes tease an intriguing future for the characters and for Gotham. (SPOILER) The Riddler caused a flood to engulf the city as his followers rushed to assassinate the new mayor. Now facing major infrastructure and political issues, Gotham and Bruce Wayne already have a lot to deal with in the potential sequel.

Then, there’s also the case of the Joker, played by Eternals’ Barry Keoghan. His Joker makes a cameo at the end of the film locked up in Arkham Asylum asking Riddler to team up to take down Batman. This hopeless scenario of a flooded Gotham with a sole villain as itss mastermind is directly taken from the pages of the Batman: Zero Year comic book run, and the sequel may use this as inspiration for a new story: a story in which Bruce must now face The Riddler, Joker, and Penguin together.

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