The Flash, meet Man of Steel.

The Flash is getting bigger. The DCEU has had its troubles but it seems like it is finally getting back on track. Its upcoming slate looks very promising, with films like Black Adam, Shazam! Fury of The Gods, and Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, which all seem great. But, the most intriguing upcoming DCEU movie is The Flash.

The Flash follows Ezra Miller’s Flash on a multiversal adventure, where he is joined by Sasha Calle as Supergirl from another universe. He is also joined by Michael Keaton, who is returning to the role of Batman. Since Keaton’s return was announced, fans have been speculating about who else might pop up in the movie. And, now, we can count on another familiar face returning.

Michael Shannon Returns as Zod

During their CinemaCon Panel, Warner Brothers confirmed that Michael Shannon will be returning as General Zod in The Flash. His last appearance was in Man of Steel back in 2013, and his role in The Flash is unclear.

It is fantastic to see Michael Shannon come back as Zod. It’s unclear what role Zod will have in the film, but hopefully it is a large one. Zod is one of the best comic book movie villains in recent memory so, ideally, he will get plenty of time to shine again. This also makes the movie’s scope much bigger than previously imagined, and does give some credence to previous rumors, like Jeremy Irons coming back as Alfred. Who knows what other surprises the film has in store for fans?

What did you think of this news? Are you excited to see Zod return? What other surprises do you think The Flash has in store? Let us know by mentioning @ReviewedCinema on Twitter, and don’t miss The Flash when it debuts exclusively in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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