Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness fans, not so good news for you today.

The MCU has truly been a fan-first franchise. The magnitude to which they have shaken the world of movies is unparalleled by any other franchise. For this reason they’ve become a powerhouse that has grown so big that every star wants to align themselves to it. Before the MCU came to be with Iron Man kicking things off in 2008. Marvel movies were very different, not interwoven at all.

Back in 2006, rumors swirled that one of the biggest stars in the world was interested in donning the suit as Tony Stark, Top Gun actor Tom Cruise. Then Robert Downey Jr was announced, and that possibility faded away.All that changed however with Spider-Man: No Way Home introducing the multiverse into the mix. We saw the return of characters from pre-MCU Marvel films, now making them canon in the current universe. Because of these introductions, fans have been speculating about possible cameos in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. With the confirmation of Patrick Stewart returning as Professor X, it has created a firestorm of rumors as to who could show up in the movie.

Tom Cruise Will NOT Appear In Doctor Strange 2

On Twitter, KC Walsh recently answered the question of how much screen time Cruise would have in the movie with a gif of Former US President Bill Clinton saying “zero”. This aligns with other industry insiders’ takes. One notable insider, BSL, has repeatedly said that Tom Cruise will not be in the film. He’s retweeted The Direct’s article and replied to fake rumor posts on Twitter calling them out.

We are weeks away now from the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and having all of our questions answered. While many of us are hopefully see fan favorite characters from older Marvel movies like Professor X return. I personally hope they don’t sacrifice the story for fan service. Cameos are fun and don’t always have to serve the plot, but they also shouldn’t take anything away either. Tom Cruise appearing as a variant of Iron Man seems fun. However, if it’s just for a cameo and doesn’t lead to any more, then that’d be a waste. Personally, I loved Downey Jr. and what he did as Tony Stark. That doesn’t mean that if Marvel wanted to introduce a variant played by a different actor, I’d be opposed. But I’d only approve if that actor meant something to the story, not just an appearance.

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