Wonder Woman 3 fans, your due is nearly here.

As the DC universe continues to expand and form some semblance of a fixed timeline, details on new projects are emerging day by day. Since Justice League, the DCEU has been in a very precarious position. Some films like The Batman have branched to alternate timelines, leaving fans confused. Which is the main continuity? No one actually knows.

Wonder Woman has been a longstanding franchise for Warner Bros. (Editor’s Note: now known as Warner Bros. Discovery) as it has delivered two feature films in the past 5 years, with reports suggesting a third could be in development. The original film was a box office hit and was also well praised by the critics. Yet, this success could not be stabilized as Wonder Woman 1984, flopped at the box office. It didn’t exactly impress critics either.

Wonder Woman 3 Script In Development

Earlier this week, fans finally got an update as to the status of Wonder Woman 3, during an interview with starring actress Gal Gadot. Gadot talked about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but also about the script production of the film. Read the full quote below:

We’re actually in the mix of working on the script and getting the third one made.

Gal Gadot on Wonder Woman 3

This is definitely good news for Wonder Woman fans as here is a chance to continue the legacy of the first movie while correcting the errors of the second. A better approach would probably be to spend more time in development so that the final product is worth the wait. Films rarely turn out good when they’re rushed to meet a release date.

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