Fast and Furious fans, Fast and Furious 10 Fast X is now in production.

As the Fast and Furious saga approaches its end, the crew is gearing up for the 10th and 11th installments of the franchise. The Fast films have been a mainstay in franchise cinema for over 2 decades, spanning 10 movies, with 9 films and a spinoff. As such, the Fast franchise has earned over $6.6 billion globally, resulting in massive profits for Universal, and a continuing desire to keep the saga around. Hollywood loves whenever a new Fast feature drops by.

Fast 9 director Justin Lin earlier confirmed that the saga would be concluded by two films. The tenth and eleventh installments of the franchise will serve as the two-part conclusion to the saga. Casting for Fast 10 has been in full swing over the last few weeks. Vin Diesel has been Dom Toretto for 20+ years, and now, it’s finally coming to a close. Major stars like Jason Momoa and Brie Larson have already signed on, with the latter being announced via Diesel’s Instagram. Now, Diesel has announced another milestone for the film via IG, and you’ll love it.

Fast And Furious 10 Enters Production, Receives Official Title

Vin Diesel posted on Instagram that production had begun on Fast And Furious 10, now officially titled Fast X. This is Day One on production for the film. The official Fast and Furious Twitter account later posted confirmation of the title and production start. See the posts below:

Fast X is a smart name, as it employs Roman Numerals to keep things fresh, although “Fas10 Your Seatbelts” would be hilarious. With the crew already having reached space, it remains to be seen where they go for the conclusion. Perhaps an alternate universe? It’s also to be seen how much more they defy physics, as the franchise is known for its defiance of scientific law.

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