Werewolf By Night fans, you’ll have some emotions about this.

Since Disney+ launched in November 2019, the platform has shown that it’s a force to be reckoned with in the streaming world. Especially when it come to the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Five series were introduced throughout 2021 and have been received to wildly favorable reviews. These shows have also been instrumental in building the next phase for Marvel. With one series currently running and potentially four more this year, things are ramping up.

The current series running is the cult superhero Moon Knight. On the show, just as in the comics our hero deals mostly in gods, monsters and the occult. However, this is a big shift in tone towards a darker underworld, that was teased in Wandavision. In the comics, Moon Knight made his first appearance in Werewolf by Night almost 50 years ago. Now, the roles are reversed and Moon Knight is ushering in the supernatural corner of the MCU. With a Halloween special reportedly coming out this fall, it’s rumored to be a Werewolf by Night series that will delve deeper into horror.

Werewolf By Night Using Practical Costumes, Not VFX

The Werewolf by Night special for Disney+ is being filmed right now and being helmed by Michael Giacchino and starring Gael Garcia Bernal as the werewolf himself. Therefore, as filming goes on, more rumors are surfacing. The most recent will be a music to the ears of horror fans. The special is said to be using primarily practical effects for the Werewolf.

The hearsay has been reported on by the After Hours Media Blog. The hint that there will be a combination of practical effects and VFX and a screenshot from a crewman supposedly working on the special that shows a message about “a stunt performer who is in full werewolf makeup.”. The shoot will primarily rely on practical effects and CGI for post production touches.

Horror fans can rejoice if this information is in fact true. Practical effects has been a long respected practice in horror movies that has fallen by the wayside in recent years to VFX being a more budget friendly option. But many fans agree that the look of practical is always better. With the introduction of Agatha: House of Harkness, Moon Knight, Werewolf by Night and Blade coming soon, the MCU seems to be fully invested in exploring the horror side of things. It just seems practical.

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