Black Adam fans can rest, the film isn’t delayed due to story issues after all.

The DC Universe looks for a fresh start after their Justice League blunders. In the form of a fresh wave of movies featuring various DC characters, Warner Bros. looks to start anew. This signals an impending new phase for DC, one that will consist of solo feature films. This is a different path than Marvel, which took an interconnected universe path.

One upcoming solo film is Black Adam, which has been in so-called “developmental hell” for more than a decade. The film, long delayed, finally began production last summer. In July 2021, Johnson confirmed that filming had been completed for the film and that it was given a release date of July 29, 2022. Yet, on March 9, 2022 , news broke that the film was scheduled for a round of reshoots and that the film had been delayed to October 21, 2022.

Black Adam Reportedly Delayed Due To Schedule Conflicts

Last week, John Campea spoke about the delay during The John Campea Show, reporting that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was occupying nearly every soundstage at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, GA, where Black Adam was scheduled to begin reshoots. Here is the full quote:

Black Adam was originally supposed to do its reshoots in February at Trilith Studios in Atlanta where they did principal photography last year, but almost every soundstage at Trilith will be at use until the end of April for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Other smaller projects have been able to move into Trilith, but Black Adam needs more significant stages that Guardians of the Galaxy are currently occupying and striking. So, the reshoot timeline is nothing drastic, just a mishmash of schedules between different productions at the time. That’s why the movie got delayed in March. The reshoots were already planned; Warner Bros. just couldn’t find the time and or space to do them until May.

John Campea on the Black Adam reshoots

Clashing production schedules as the reason for Black Adam‘s significant delay was unexpected. These sorts of issues are uncommon in the film industry. Nevertheless, if a delay means that more aspects of a film can be polished, then it is worth waiting for a better product. Hopefully, schedules will be better adjusted in the future in order to avoid any problems.

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