Blue Beetle is gonna be great.

While the DCEU has been disappointing, its future holds a lot of promise. Several of the upcoming films have a lot of exciting potential. Shazam! Fury of The Gods and Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom promise to give more of fan-favorite characters Shazam and Aquaman. But the more exciting films are the ones that will introduce new and previously unseen characters, like this one.

The film is about teen Jaime Reyes who finds an alien scarab that gives him superpowers. Blue Beetle will be one of the first major superhero films to have a Latino lead. Cobra Kai star, Xolo Maridueña, will be playing Jaime Reyes. Additionally, Brazilian actress, Bruna Marquezine will be playing the love interest and female lead. The film also stars George Lopez and Harvey Guillén in unknown but key roles. The cast has certainly filled out, but we did not know who the villain would be until now.

Blue Beetle Signs Susan Sarandon To Portray Victoria Kord

The Wrap has reported that Susan Sarandon will be playing the villain, Victoria Kord. Victoria Kord is a new character created just for the movie. Previously, Sharon Stone was in negotiations to play the part. Sarandon is represented by UTA

The news is very exciting. Susan Sarandon is an accomplished actress and she adds a lot of star power to an already stacked cast. She is bound to give a great performance. Victoria Kord as the villain is very intriguing. Could she be the wife of Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle? Or maybe someone pretending to be related to Ted for nefarious purposes? How the character fits into the Blue Beetle mythos is unclear and she will surely be the center of much speculation about the film.

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