Kraven The Hunter is going to be big. Sony has slowly been building out their own Marvel Universe, or SUMC. The SUMC features a bunch of Spider-Man villains but confusingly it has no Spider-Man. It started in 2018 with Venom. The sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, followed a few years later. And most recently Morbius joined the SUMC. All of these films have received mixed reception at best. Despite the reception, Sony is still continuing along with its plans to build a universe with Kraven The Hunter and Madame Web as the next two planned films.

Kraven The Hunter is the next entry in the SUMC. Little is known about the film besides the cast. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is playing Kraven. Fred Hechinger will be playing Kraven’s brother, The Chameleon. And recent Oscar Winner, Ariana DeBose, will portray Calypso, Kraven’s love interest. Russell Crowe is also in the cast in an unknown role but, is expected to be playing Kraven and Chameleon’s father. And now we have yet another addition to the star-studded cast.

Kraven The Hunter Adds Levi Miller

Deadline has reported that Levi Miller has joined the cast of Kraven The Hunter. It is unknown what role Miller would be playing. Miller previously appeared in Wrinkle in Time and played Peter Pan in 2015’s Pan. When reached, Sony was not available for comment. Miller is repped by Verve, Rogue Management, Eaton Management, and Fred Toczek.

The news doesn’t give us much new info on the film. However, Miller does have a pretty strong resemblance to Aaron Taylor-Johnson. It’s possible that Miller will be playing a younger version of Kraven for flashbacks in the film. Exploring Kraven’s childhood could give this film a strong emotional core that is missing in Sony’s other SUMC films. The strong cast of Kraven The Hunter gives it the potential to be the best SUMC film yet.

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