The Flash may be coming to an end. The CW’s Arrowverse has been a fun alternative to the often disappointing DCEU. The shows features a variety of characters from the DC universe like Green Arrow, Batwoman, and Superman. The shows wildly vary in quality but always provide a good bit of fun and entertainment.

The Flash has been the most successful of the Arrowverse shows. It generally gets some of the highest ratings on the network. Earlier this year, the CW renewed The Flash for its ninth season. This means it will run one season longer than its predecessor Arrow. However, many have felt that the show is past its prime and should end soon. And now we may have exactly an idea of when it will end.

The Flash Could Be Ending On The CW

In a new article from The Hollywood Reporter, we’ve learned that next season could potentially be the last season of The Flash. They also note that the season could be shorter than usual. This comes on top of the news that Jesse L. Martin will no longer be a regular on the show next season.

This news is a bit of relief. While The Flash started off strong with it’s first three seasons, it’s been a bit of a mess ever since season four. It still has its moments from time to time. Such as the first half of season 6 or the recent Armageddon event. But, on the whole, the show has been lacking for quite some time and really needs to end. If it really is the end, hopefully, next season can give these characters and actors a well-deserved send-off.

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