She-Hulk is one of Marvel Studios’ most highly anticipated upcoming Disney+ series, featuring Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters. On Disney Investor Day 2020, Kevin Feige announced that Tatiana Maslany would be playing the titular role of Jennifer Walters, with Mark Ruffalo reprising his role as Hulk and Tim Roth reprising his role as the Abomination. Additionally, multiple cameos are expected to come up, including Megan Thee Stallion and Renee Elise Goldsberry.

The series is set to release later this year around August and was earlier even rumored to premiere before Ms. MarvelShe-Hulk has been known to be a 2022 project for some time now, however, as of right now – there is still no clear release window for the series. The newest rumor suggests that the series may not premiere till the end of the year.

She-Hulk Delayed Due To VFX Issues?

This new rumor comes to us from the Marvel Studios Spoilers subreddit. A user published a new post saying that the series had been delayed. He previously posted many accurate details about WandaVision prior to its release on Disney+ The post notes that She-Hulk will premiere in late 2022 (November-December) or possibly even as late as January of 2023. This user had previously posted many accurate details about other MCU series like WandaVision, which gives more credibility for this. The user also note that Marvel has had to send scenes to firms around the world for VFX, saying that this will cause details of the series to leak out soon.

This rumor does have some credibility to it, since the source has indeed previously got their scoops confirmed. However, this should still be treated as a rumor until other sources corroborate it, since every previous report and rumor has said that the series would premiere around August. It’s important to remember that filming for the series commenced 2 weeks before Moon Knight and wrapped nearly 2 months before. However, due to its more intensive VFX, it will end up debuting on Disney+ after both Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, despite originally being expected to premiere in between the two shows. As such, a 10-month delay seems extremely unlikely.

No Release Window

Currently, there is no announced release window for the series. It is also undergoing reshoots in Atlanta right now, amidst rumors of a possible Jessica Jones appearance. Given the confirmation of Ms. Marvel‘s release, the series will clearly premiere after Ms. Marvel. The show is currently set to end on July 13th, after which Andor is expected to release. So – if Andor should release afterwards on July 20th, She-Hulk might premiere 2-3 weeks later, on August 3/10. She-Hulk has also been confirmed to have 10 episodes, so this would have it ending on October 5th. Recently, a Brazillian News website Chippu has also claimed that the series would premiere in August.

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