The wait for Thor: Love and Thunder continues as fans are getting snippets of promotional material over the past few days, yet a trailer still is not in sight. The movies of MCU Phase 4 have been shrouded in secrecy ever since the beginning, none more so than the next installment in the Thor franchise. Thankfully, though, a trailer may be around the corner.

Thor: Love and Thunder has been making the headlines for the past few weeks, trending without a trailer, to the disappointment of the MCU fanbase. Reshoots were scheduled for the movie in March 2022, reportedly including scenes reshot for Gorr the God Butcher. Chris Hemsworth confirmed earlier this month that the press tour for Thor: Love and Thunder had begun.

Thor Voice Actor Completes Dubbing Trailer

Earlier today, the Hindi dubbing voice actor for Chris Hemsworth, Gaurav Chopra has revealed in an Instagram Story that he has completed work on the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer . Gaurav Chopra has dubbed Thor in Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame and Thor: Ragnarok. See the Instagram story below:

This means that a trailer is inevitable and should be released to the public in the coming days. This is a much needed update on the trailer to reassure us that it indeed it coming soon. We’ve been waiting and waiting for a very long time for the trailer to arrive. Finally, fans can rejoice. We’re so close, just hang in there a bit longer. All will come to a head soon.

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