The Percy Jackson franchise has been an incredibly successful book series with five main titles that follow the adventures of Percy, a demigod. He’s the child of Poseidon, and must go on quests to save the world. However, the franchise has struggled with its live-action adaptations. The two live-action Percy Jackson films were met with mixed critical reception. Neither was a huge financial success leaving the franchise dormant until recently.

Earlier this year, Disney officially ordered a new live-action adaptation of Percy Jackson as a series for Disney+. The new series is set to be a reboot of the franchise. It will cover the events of the first book in the five-chapter series. Rick Riordan, the author of the books, will be on the creative team. Riordan was not at all involved in the previous films, which might have contributed to the lack of understanding of the source material. The titular role has been vacant, and fans have been rampant in speculation. Now, we finally know.

Walker Scobell Cast As Percy Jackson

In a recent report from Variety, it was revealed that Walker Scobell has been cast in the role of Percy Jackson. This would mark Scobell’s second major role in Hollywood. Scobell previously appeared in Netflix’s The Adam Project, where he portrayed the younger version of Ryan Reynolds’ character. The two went time traveling to save the world, which also starred Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo.

It’s big news for Walker Scobell to be cast. When casting begins, it generally means the project is well into development. The series is currently set to roll cameras in Vancouver this summer. In case you missed it, Scobell also gave an excellent performance in The Adam Project as Adam, opposite Ryan Reynolds. There is little doubt that Scobell will make a great lead in the upcoming series. Percy Jackson and the Olympians is produced and released by Disney+. It’s expected to arrive on the service in 2023.

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