Netflix’s Stranger Things instantly became a worldwide phenomenon when it premiered its brilliant first season all the way back in 2016. The series hooked viewers in with 80s nostalgia and its horror and supernatural elements. It started off as the journey of a group of 3 preteen boys as they tried to find their missing friend, then quickly evolved into a supernatural horror series with the introduction of Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven, the upside-down and alien-like creatures called Demogorgons. fast-forward 6 years and Stranger Things now has 3 seasons, 2 games and it’s loved young cast is no longer young. Stranger Things 4 is set to premiere 3 years after its predecessor, and fans have eagerly been anticipating its arrival.

The upcoming season looks to finally answer fans questions on Hopper’s fate as he was shown to be alive in the trailer, along with this the season should also further develop the mythology of the series. Stranger Things creators The Duffer Brothers have continued to develop the lore of the series season by season, introducing us to the Upside Down. Dr. Brenner has been opening up a gateway to this world while simultaneously also experimenting on young children gifted with supernatural abilities. The Duffer brothers revealed their plans on how they wish to further explore this past in an interview to Deadline.

Stranger Things 4 Is The “Biggest Season Yet”

In a recent interview with Deadline, The Duffer Brothers revealed their plans on how they wish to further explore this past in Stranger Things 4 . Here’s what they had to say:

Back when we did Season 1, Netflix just kept going ‘Can you explain all this mythology to us?’ So we wrote this giant 20-page document, which talked about everything in terms of what was going on and what exactly the Upside Down was. And then each season we’re just sort of peeling back the layers of that onion, so to speak. But this season, we really wanted to really get into it and [revealing] some of those answers. But to do that properly, we needed time, so it just became bigger and bigger.

The Duffer Brothers on the mythology of Stranger Things

The Duffer Brothers described this catalog of lore as a ’20-page document’, which aimed to explain the Upside Down. This also tells us that they will indeed be diving deep into the lore of the series, certainly deeper than any previous season, making this the biggest season yet. The Duffers also told Deadline that each episode in the season would be more than 60 minutes long.

It seems that the creators of the series aim to give us more lore than ever before. The Duffer Brothers seem to be trying to explain to us the deeper origins of all we know. They’ve promised us answers, so it seems we are in for a great season which sounds extremely promising. As always we will be here to decode and explain all that lore for you. So stay tuned for our coverage as Stranger Things takes us into the upside down.

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