The DCEU has been a mixed bag of a franchise ever since its inception with Man of Steel back in 2013, and that only continues with The Flash. Despite major setbacks like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, the franchise has continued to chug along. However, there have been some major successes like the recent Peacemaker series on HBO Max and Wonder Woman. This mixed reception has led DC to implement a number of retcons in the franchise leading to a somewhat confusing continuity. Warner Bros. and DC hope to fix the mess of continuity with the upcoming filmThe Flash .

The Flash is set to be a major movie for DC and WB. It aims to to fix the confusing continuity of the series and retcon away some of the less popular parts of the franchise. Therefore, it will follow the adventures of Barry Allen across the multiverse where he’ll encounter Michael Keaton, who’s returning. The movie is also set to feature the return of the main DCEU Batman, Ben Affleck. And now we can expect another familiar face from the DCEU to return.

Jeremy Irons To Reprise Role Of Alfred In The Flash

According to a new tweet from reputable leaker ViewerAnon on Twitter, Jeremy Irons is set to reprise the role of Alfred in The Flash. However, it’s not known in what capacity Irons will be in the film. See the full and unedited tweet below:

Jeremy Irons returning as Alfred is bound to please fans as he is regarded as one of the better parts of the DCEU. and its iteration of the Batman mythos. Ideally, we’d get to see Alfred spend some significant screen time with Ben Affleck’s or Michael Keaton’s Batman. It’ll be great either way. This film has the capacity for so much good, and for so much bad. Keaton is said to be the new Batman of the DCEU when all is said and done in this film. However, future plans are for Robert Pattinson to become the Batman after Keaton down the road, per insiders.

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