The road to Fast and Furious 10 has begun. A mainstay in franchise cinema since 2001, Fast and Furious is one of the largest running franchises aside from the MCU. The Fast franchise has earned over $6.6 billion over 9 installments and a spin-off, these films have been one of the most successful box office draws in recent history. Starring some of the biggest Hollywood names like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Vin Diesel and many more, landing a role in the franchise has become a prestigious opportunity.

As Vin diesel and co start preparing for the 10th installment in this historic series, the case has begun to fill up. Director Justin Lin has confirmed that the franchise will receive its finale with the the 10th and 11th movies. Fast 10 has a tentative release date of May 19, 2023 with filming expected to begin early this year for both the finale films. With Jason Momoa already confirmed to have joined the cast, and Deadline has reported that it will be in an antagonistic role.

Brie Larson Joins Cast Of Fast And Furious 10

News broke earlier today that Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson has joined the cast for Fast 10 in an undisclosed role, revealed in an Instagram post by starring actor and executive producer Vin Diesel.

This certainly adds more star power to the final chapter of one of the most beloved movie franchises. Brie Larson is known for big action roles like Captain Marvel and Kong Skull Island, therefore seems well suited for the role. It remains to be seen who she will portray but viewers can expect a smashing performance by the Academy winning actress.

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