Marvel Studios has recently gone to a LOT of trouble to keep people from guessing their projects via LLCs registered. They’ve made up names as wacko as Grass-Fed Productions LLC (now known to be Secret Invasion), just to keep sleuths off the track. Pandemic Productions LLC was revealed to be The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Echo was Frequent Productions LLC. Now, we MAY know the real project for another LLC.

Murphy’s Multiverse reported in January 2021 that Standoffish Productions LLC was a Marvel Studios company, assigned for a feature film. At Cinema Reviewed, we’ve confirmed this with our own sources. Now, this is pure speculation, but Standoffish could be referring to the upcoming Marvel Studios project Secret Wars.

Could Standoffish Productions LLC Be For Secret Wars?

While the project has not been officially announced, it’s expected to be a feature film, and the Russo Brothers have reportedly even been in talks about directing the film. The name lines up with the project as well. Standoffish would refer to a standoff between 2 or more groups of people. In Secret Wars, that’s exactly what happens. Secret Invasion could also serve as a bounce point to Secret Wars, and bring on the next chapter of MCU storytelling.

Standoffish Productions was registered in 2020, and as such is likely for an MCU film that is set to release soon. How soon? We don’t know. What we do know, is that Secret Wars has been talked about quite a bit at Marvel Studios, and might even take a 2024 date. With the Russo Brothers seemingly in talks, it’s clear that Marvel Studios is ready to enter the next phase of development, and it’ll be interesting to see how fast Marvel wants to develop the film.

Pure theoretical timeline here, but if Marvel Studios has their director, then they’re set in the first phase. Writing can be estimated to 6 months, and that takes us to July 2022. Signing contracts with actors, casting, all that, estimate 6 months. January 2023. Filming start in March 2023, runs for 4-6 months maximum, September 2023. 8-10 months for post-production, and we could see Secret Wars take the July 2024 slot.

Whatever the case, all will be revealed soon. Marvel Studios will make an appearance at the D23 Expo, and hopefully an announcement will come there. Let us know what project you think Standoffish might be for or whether you think Secret Wars will take the July 2024 date by mentioning @ReviewedCinema on Twitter. You can find me, Brandon Matthews, at @RCDiscussion on Twitter.

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