Moon Knight might just be the most-hyped MCU project of 2022. The supernatural horror TV series is the next installment in the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a release set for Early 2022. The incredibly stacked cast includes Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, and you can bet there are more actors and actresses that haven’t been revealed yet. The series will be the first MCU project of the year, and the project selected could not be stronger.

Ethan Hawke is a very good actor, there’s no denying that. He’s appeared in countless films and television series that are now extremely well known, and is starring in the upcoming film, The Black Phone. He’s done everything from Knives Out 2 to Robot Chicken. His acting work is unparalleled, and every major studio wants him to act in a project for them. Including Marvel Studios. And now, we know who he’s playing.

Ethan Hawke To Portray Sun King In Moon Knight

In a recent tweet from Brandon Matthews on Twitter, and from a podcast appearance by KC Walsh a month ago, it’s now being widely circulated that Ethan Hawke will play none other than the Sun King in Moon Knight, and will be the main villain in the series. Matthews’ tweet read:

FYI: Ethan Hawke’s playing the Sun King in #MoonKnight, he’ll be the main villain. Not sure why most people have reported on it yet, this info’s been out there for awhile. @TheComixKid gave it a mention on a podcast a month ago.

Brandon Matthews on Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight

Full tweet:

KC Walsh also talked about the rumored appearance of the character in a guest appearance on the Change My Mind podcast. Full video:

It’s definitely exciting to see that such an amazing actor is playing such an amazing character. In the comics, the character of Sun King was underused, and underdeveloped. His powers are unrivaled with pyrotechnics, but he has yet to show his full potential. With Moon Knight, it’s hoped that he’ll do just that. The series has currently no set release date, with only an “Early 2022” placeholder, but that’s likely to change soon, as it’s up next on the Disney+ slate.

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