When the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer finally landed, it confirmed the multiverse and that it will indeed revive Spider-Man foes from the previous movies.  Most notably, the trailer ended by revealing the return of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus.  However, the trailer also teased the return of Electro, Green Goblin, the Lizard, and Sandman. 

With so many supervillains in this movie, it seems like Marvel is creating a live-action version of the Sinister Six.  In the comics, the Sinister Six were a team of Spider-Man’s deadliest enemies — Doc Ock, Sandman, Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, and Kraven the Hunter.  Marvel will shake up the original lineup, but the trailer only teased five villains.  Hence, fans have been wondering who the final member of the Sinister Six is.  There are a few potential options.


One of the more respected live-action villains, Michael Keaton’s Vulture, is one candidate to join the Sinister Six. The Vulture first appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It makes sense for him to appear, but something is different between him and the rest of the Sinister Six villains. 

The Vulture would be the only villain that is from the MCU. It would be odd to have all multiversal villains and then one MCU villain. Now, there is a possibility, but the Vulture will likely not be in the movie. However, Keaton is reprising the role in Morbius. Thus, Marvel certainly has big plans for Vulture in the future and maybe even apart of the MCU’s version of the Sinister Six.


In Spider-Man: Far From Home, we saw Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio take on Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Mysterio was a phenomenal villain but ultimately met his demise at the end of the film. Spider-Man was framed for Mysterio’s death, and we will see how that plays out in Spider-Man: No Way Home

However, it would not be surprising if the master of illusion reveals to have faked his death. Mysterio is in the same situation as Michael Keaton’s Vulture; both villains are not from the multiverse. Mysterio would make more sense than Vulture because he would give the film more emotional grounding. Still, I don’t see Mysterio or Vulture appearing in the film.


Perhaps the most hated Spider-Man live-action villain, the Rhino is rumored to appear in the film as the last member of the Sinister Six. Paul Giamatti has denied reports that he is returning, so there is a chance he won’t. However, Rhino makes the most sense considering the film is about the multiverse. Also, reliable scoopers have revealed that Rhino would return. It would be perfect having three villains from Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man and three villains from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man. I would place my bets on Rhino.

Therefore, which Spider-Man villain has the best chance to be the final member? The odds say Rhino due to reliable scoopers and the multiverse connection. Mysterio and Vulture will appear in the future either way. We should stop playing the guessing game and just wait until the movie comes out.  

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