‘What If…?’ Episode 1 Review and Breakdown

What If…? debuted today and with the first episode finally released, let’s break down the key moments.

The game changing moment was when Peggy took the serum to become Captain Carter. As The Watcher said, this was the pivotal game changing moment in the episode and as time goes on, this will be important later on as we’ll be seeing CC again.

Next, we see the Hydra Stomper. This is what they give Steve because of the lack of a serum. It’s indestructible and basically a 40’s Iron Man suit. This means that if Iron Man was to exist in this world, his dad created the idea.

Finally, we have the ending. We see Captain Carter fighting a HYDRA god. There have been many tentacled beasts in the comics, but only two have been confirmed to appear in the MCU.

Overall, there’s a lot to take away from episode 1 and how it sets up the future of the multiverse. Episode 2 debuts on Disney+ on August 18.

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