Last night, Disneyland held its Opening Ceremony for Avengers Campus. The land was immersive, interactive, and really, really, really big. Here’s our take on Disneyland’s Avengers Campus.


Avengers Campus Concept Art from 2020. Courtesy of USA Today

The presentation opened with a message from “FRIDAY”, the supposed managing AI of the park. FRIDAY takes everyone on a mini-tour of the campus. After that, the President of Disney Parks, Josh D’Amaro, made a few remarks, then passed it onto Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek. Chapek made a few remarks, then introduced Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who didn’t really pass it onto anyone else.

Feige introduced Anthony Mackie and Paul Rudd, who introduced themselves and a video featuring a montage of MCU actors and actresses praising Avengers Campus. Jon Favreau came on, then the fireworks started exploding behind them. The presentation ended with a post-credit scene from Shang-Chi (Simu Liu) himself.

The Spider-Man ride was introduced, as well as the Pym Test Kitchen and the WEB facility. Well designed, popped straight out of the Avengers films. This looks to be a thrill whenever COVID allows us to visit Disneyland again safely. The full presentation can be viewed below.

Overall, a stunning presentation, although many feel they should’ve waited before the Avengers ride was available to open the campus. What do you think? Catch us at @ReviewedCinema on Twitter or pop a comment down below.

Disneyland’s Avengers Campus opens June 4, 2021 to California residents and June 15, 2021 to all visitors.

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